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Steelers OC Matt Canada accused of having a burner account

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Pittsburgh Steelers fans on X seemed to believe they found a burner account that, they claim, belongs to under fire offensive coordinator Matt Canada this week.

Steelers fans found an account going by the username @DannyFootball777, whose profile picture shows nothing but a black Pittsburgh hat on a white background and not only has zero followers, but also isn't following anyone.

The account, however, features a long list of positive tweets defending Canada, who has become a punching bag for Pittsburgh's fanbase due to the offense's struggles through the first four games of the season.

'Steeler Nation found a new scapegoat. Wonder how long it'll be until the next guy is on the hot seat,' @DannyFootball77 wrote in one message. 

'So the o line is an excuse for [Steelers quarterback] Kenny's [Pickett] struggles but the OC is expected to turn water into wine. Makes sense,' another post read.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans believed they found a burner account linked to OC Matt Canada

The alleged burner account was seen posting multiple tweets defending the under fire coach

Following the post from the alleged burner account, one Steelers fan account by the name @PickensBurgh posted a screen recording of showing multiple tweets from @DannyFootball777 and captioned the recording, 'Matt Canada really made a burner bro.'

Another user by the name @PPP_Benjamin went a step further and attempted to go through the forgot password process while investigating the account and posted a screen shot alleging that the supposed burner account was linked to the email address 'ma************@s*******.***.'

The rumor was eventually shut down in a post from ProFootballTalk after the posted a tweet saying: 'To everyone pushing the 'Matt Canada burner account' b*******, the Steelers use '' not '' for their internal email addresses.'


— PickensBurgh? (Tino) (@PickensBurgh) October 2, 2023

Some Steelers fans on social media went to great lengths to accuse Canada of the burner

Canada and the Steelers will have the chance to right the ship this weekend when they face off against the Baltimore Ravens in an NFC North divisional contest.

Earlier in the week, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked if he intended to make any changes to to the coaching staff's responsibilities on offense, Fit Smart Bewertung specifically the play calling, to which he responded, 'Not at this juncture.' 

Tomlin did however acknowledge that the offensive coaching in Sunday's 30-6 loss to the Houston Texans was not good enough.

Pittsburgh Steelers


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